Digital Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is essentially the way that businesses communicate with their audience. It’s how the word gets out about their products and services. So what exactly is digital marketing?

Digital marketing details a specific type of marketing tools. In fact, digital marketing is trending right now and in a big way. The world of technology is growing and changing every day, and businesses that don’t take advantage of it are going to be playing catch-up in the near future. If you want to get ahead of this movement, then keep reading to find out some important facts about digital marketing.

What Digital Marketing Is Not

When you think of mass marketing strategies, the ideas that come to mind are probably what would be termed traditional these days. If you are thinking of television or radio, then that is the traditional way to reach a larger audience. To go along with that are print ads and billboard spots.

The idea with marketing before was to go big.î If you reach as many people as you can, you will get a good return on your investment. Campaigns were deemed successful or not based on how sales increased or decreased as a result of the efforts. And, these efforts were not cheap.

What Digital Marketing Is

Digital marketing takes advantage of technology to communicate in a more intimate way with potential customers. Advertising is accomplished through mobile devices, email, voice broadcasts, blogging, SMS messages, videos and instant messaging. Even creating web pages that are optimized for viewing on mobile devices has become a big trend in the digital marketing strategy plan.

If you hadn’t guessed the connection yet, most of these marketing plans are built around the internet. It is the information superhighway.î Even those who are not a part of Gen-X are learning how to make their way around search engines and cellular devices. Technology is designed to make things more convenient and those who have begun to employ digital marketing plans in their advertising scheme are seeing the results.

Here’s an example. Email is a part of digital marketing to customers. If you don’t have a Smartphone, you will probably check your email when you get home from work. That could be at least eight hours between when it was sent and when it is actually read. When a message is sent to a customer via text message to their cell phone, it is often read within minutes.

Digital marketing is marketing in real time. It uses advances in technology to keep up with the way that people are communicating these days. If you want your company brand to stay at the forefront of people’s minds, investigate how these new marketing trends can help you.

The Five Don’ts of Mobile Website Design

In mobile web design, one mistake could be all it takes. Some of these mistakes will cause your websites to not display properly at all. Others will simply frustrate mobile users and cause them to leave. These are five of the biggest mobile web design mistakes you should absolutely avoid.

Mistake #1: Using Flash

There are many reasons not to use Flash. For one, search engines hate it. Video often doesn’t parse properly and it can cause browsers to crash. Most importantly, however, it’s terrible for mobile.

None of the iOS devices support Flash, including the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. If your website is in Flash, it simply won’t display on the most popular mobile web operating system.

Mistake #2: Using JavaScript

JavaScript does work on many mobile devices. On the other hand, it also doesn’t work on many mobile devices. On many mobile devices, JavaScript works – but intermittently.

Many JavaScript commands that work well on desktop don’t work on mobile at all. In short, it’s inconsistent. You can’t build a solid mobile framework on JavaScript.

Mistake #3: Using Pop-Ups

On a desktop computer, a pop-up can be a little annoying. The box pops up, then people just close it and move along.

On a mobile device, however, a pop-up can be downright infuriating. First, it opens a new window on your device. Then it takes up bandwidth to load. Then users realize it wasn’t valuable content – and will most likely leave your site for good.

Never use pop-ups on mobile websites. It’s much, much worse than pop-ups on desktop browsers.

Mistake #4: Have Small Buttons

On desktop browsers, clicking small buttons is pretty easy. Most people are able to click on buttons as small as 5 pixels by 5 pixels. On mobile devices, it’s a different story.

If a button is small, it’s not only hard to click – it can be impossible. People will often end up clicking the button next to the button they’re trying to click.

The finger is a clumsy tool. Keep that in mind when you’re designing your button sizes.

Mistake #5: Content Overload

Another common mistake is to put a ton of content on one page. This works on desktop-based browsers because people have a lot of screen space with which to read.

On mobile devices, having a lot of content on one page or a lot of images just clutters things. It makes it very hard for people to find what they’re looking for.

These five mistakes will make your site either difficult to browse or completely impossible. Make sure you avoid these mistakes – and if your designer suggests doing one of these things, it might be time to find a new designer.

I would like to hear your Mobile Website Design’s Do’s & Dont’s.

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