Business Start-Up Legalities


As the saying goes, nothing is done until the paperwork is complete

A lot of people jump into starting a business without giving much thought to the business start-up legalities. This can become a problem. While each country, state, city or province has its own rules, there are some basics to consider. It’s important to at least know where to look for the information.


Decide the Type of Business Entity

Starting a sole proprietorship is the simplest, and no paperwork needs to be filed that is special. However, if you want to start any other type of business entity such as an LLC or Inc., you will need to file special paperwork. There are websites today that will help you file the paperwork if you don’t want to hire an attorney. However, it is highly recommended that you hire a business attorney in your area to handle these issues.

Choose a Business Name

If you’re not using your own name as part of your business name, you’ll need to find out if the name you want to use is available. Depending on the type of business entity you choose, such as sole proprietorship or LLC, there are different rules regarding business names. You may need to file a DBA (doing business as) in order to conduct business using that name. If you have a corporation and you want several different businesses under the corporation, you’ll need to file several DBAs.

Obtain a Federal Employee Identification Number (EIN) (USA)

Even if you have no intentions of ever hiring employees, this is something that is important. You can do it right on line and you don’t even need to have a business license yet to do it. In fact, you should do this prior to getting a business license so that this number can be on your business license. Use this number instead of your social security number anytime you do business with anyone. It’s safer because you can avoid the problems with identity theft, and in some cases it is required to have this number to be seen as a real business.

Get a Business License

Each country, state, province and city has its own rules regarding business licensure. Most cities and counties require even a home business to be licensed. In some cases you will need state licensure. The best place to find out what you need is to go down to your local court house and ask or look up the search terms, “Getting a business license in Your City, State”. It’s usually a very simple process which requires a small fee.

You will need to renew this license each year. Depending on your type of business, you may need other permits and licenses to be legal. You can go to your local SCORE office for more information and help.

Open a Business Bank Account

Depending on your type of business, you may only need a separate personal account. Business accounts can be expensive. But, you do need to open a separate account. In many cases if you don’t have a business account you won’t be able to get a merchant account enabling you to take credit cards. If you plan to use PayPal, check the current rules and terms of service to ensure that you can be compliant. You will need your EIN and your business license to open a business bank account.

These are just a few of the legalities of opening a business. Depending upon your type of business, it may be more or less complicated. However, don’t ever shy away from making sure the paperwork is done, and done right, when embarking on business ownership. Doing it right from the start will ensure your continued success.


Link Building in 2013

What You Need to Know

Today, link building is about getting as many natural, high-quality, relevant links back to your site as possible. It’s not about getting any links back to your site by any means necessary, even if they are completely irrelevant to your target audience and from questionable sites and methods.

Technically, link building has always been about that, but many of us got carried away with the power of getting a higher ranking – even when we knew deep down we were breaking the rules. It wasn’t technically “black hat” so what’s the big deal, right?

Well, some of us found out when Google changed their algorithm. Some people who had worked super hard at submitting articles to various article marketing sites, opening up dozens of social media accounts, and asking everyone we know to link to us paid a price for it. We lost ranking. If you aren’t one of those people, you are really lucky. It means you did link building right from the start, which is to say you probably didn’t worry too much about it, and it happened naturally.
Here are some important points to bear in mind when you are link building.

Avoid link farms – Sometimes called link exchanges, or paid link placement, these are a really bad idea because when Google figures it out, you’ll be dropped like a hot potato. You may even be banned from Google Search which, let’s face it, would be the kiss of death for any business. Any type of artificially created links is bad for your business. Even if people are getting away with it, it’s not worth it.Don’t do it

Seek quality links – Getting the right kind of links to your website will bring more visitors to your site, establish you as a leader in your niche, and boost your search engine rankings. What’s more, the more great links you have and the more people see your site as an authority site, the more links you’ll get. These quality links will keep working even when search engines change their algorithms and are self-perpetuating.

It won’t happen overnight – Getting quality links to your website is not an overnight job. It will take time for you to be successful, as it takes time to build up the relationships necessary to get a link to your website and then time for the search engine to index your site again. Google will notice any type of unnatural link building going on. Don’t try to get thousands of links in a month; it will seem suspicious and it will downgrade your website or blog.

Guest blog posting – This is still one of the number one ways to get quality links to your site. Contact blog owners and website owners who sell products, services and information to your target audience but who are not direct competitors. Provide a targeted, useful and relevant guest post that serves both the audience and the owner of the website.

Create a “How to” blog post or a tutorial of some kind; offer the readers and the site owner something that they can really sink their teeth in.

Directory submissions – This is still a good way to get links to your site, but look for a high-quality directory that doesn’t allow everyone to be listed and that is checked and edited by a human. Choose a directory that fits in with your target audience and your business. If you’re a writer, you want to be listed on the very best and highly-regarded directories you can reasonably afford and be accepted to. You might feel that this is link purchasing but in this case, as long as all admissions are not accepted, the directory is checked by a human, and it is high quality and highly regarded in your industry, then it is where you want to be.

Provide testimonials – That’s right; give other product developers testimonials that will appear on their sales pages that also offer a link back to your site. If there is a product or service that you use, and they are asking for testimonials in writing or via video, then do it. This is an excellent way to garner useful links back to your site.
Link building in 2013 hasn’t really changed much over the years in terms of needing high quality natural inbound links to prove to the search engines that your website is sought out, high quality and an authority to numerous users. Ensure that when you do any of the above, it’s above board and honest. And while you do want inbound links, it’s not the only focus. Your focus is on providing the best website/products/services that you possibly can for your target audience.

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